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Natural Solutions Homeopathic Clinic

Dedicated to the permanent restoration of health with the most gentle cure - Homeopathy


"I have suffered from eczema on my hands for the past 15 years. It was extremely itchy and irritating and no topical solution ever cleared it up. After having just 2 homeopathic treatments with Nicole the eczema is completely gone and has not returned."

Vi Wight, Mission

"Nicole has done wonders for myself and my two boys.(10 and 12 years old). We see her regularly for our remedies.
And if it is an emergency she sees and treats them right away. She has helped my oldest with asthma. And my youngest with his allergies. We have not worried about the flu, we have our remedies on hand for any symptoms that may come up. I would recommend seeing Nicole and Valerie for any health problems you may have."

Kim Was, Mission

After being introduced to Nicole and Homeopathy back in 2005 we have not had to see our family physician since.
It was originally seasonal allergies that first brought me to Nicole but after my first visit it was my anxiety and other health issues that all seemed to be resolved almost immediately.... after just one dose of remedy. What a wonderful feeling to have that overwhelming sense of good heath and well-being.

Chris, Mission B.C

Hello Nicole
I am writing to let you know how much you have helped me with my back problems. I have to share with you the original reason I came to you is, first because I saw what you did for my family, second I was not happy with my condition and how it was being handled. I had back issues that not only was not being healed, but was costing me a great deal of money and discomfort. I was send to physiotherapist ( a cost since we don't have a plan), given a number of prescriptions and eventually told I should come in to find out how to deal with pain. I felt that the parties involved in my treatment were not able to help me.
I took the remedies you gave me and I cannot believe the difference in my back. You were the only person that actually helped me to get relief.I had not have to come to you for my back since, the reason I don't need to.However as a result of my back I had a upper leg problem. You gave me another remedy one dose. My leg was very sore for 2 days after the remedy but has not been sore since. Thank you Nicole and I will be seeing you should I have any other issues from now on. Oh incidentally my wife has a number of remedies for different situations like colds etc and guess who uses them.... Our whole family and it works.

Zak Motala

My whole family has seen Nicole for treatment of health problems for over 2 years while living in Mission and we have all been rewarded with improved health! She treated and cured many concerns that the traditional doctors have just given up on, some which required us to take prescription medications indefinitely. I no longer live in Mission and continue to contact Nicole via email with any new health concerns and receive remedies from here via Canada Post. I would highly recommend Nicole's homeopathic treatment for anyone who wants to get to the root of his and her health issues and solve them rather then treating the symptoms and having them return.

Laurie Grant

"Last fall I was talking to a friend about health and she started to talk about homeopathy. I started to do some research on the net and decided 5 years of anxiety pills was enough. I was not happy that I had to pay for pills for the rest of my life, deal with the side effects of the medication and who knows down the road how the medication would change my health. Once Nicole found the correct remedy for me I was happy, more energetic and felt better. Better enough to go on the tread mill 4 to 5 times a week and want to go on it. Now it is five months later and I am 20 lbs. lighter. Fifteen months later I still go on the tread mill 3 to 5 times a week. Now all my family goes to Nicole for all our health matters. Thank you Nicole."

Life is good

Stacie from Deroche

I have been taking my daughter to Nicole Planek DCH, RCSHom for homeopathic care for close to 4 years now. Nicole has worked with her to help with many different issues. Anxiety and stress were her main concerns, along with frequent headaches, nausea, planters warts and treatment for flu. I am thrilled to say that she has been greatly assisted to overcome all of these maladies and we continue to see Nicole for the best in ongoing personalized health care, all without any negative side effects. 

Sherri , Mission

"When I brought joey to Nicole for homeopathic treatment he suffered from severe attacks of headaches, stomach pains, vomiting and swelling.The attacks would happen three times a week. His pediatrician recommended homeopathy as he didn't want to prescribe Prednisone for him because of the many side effects. Joey was on medication which was not helping only causing side effects. Since Joey started homeopathic treatment his attacks stopped completely. His quality of life improved greatly,he feels better about himself and doing well in school. If he gets a headache which now happens very rarely I give him a dose of his remedy which I keep on hand and his headache stops almost immediately."

Jamie, Chilliwack

"I first started seeing Nicole Planek in 2006.

I had suffered from chronic kidney and bladder infections for the past 9 months. The medical doctor gave me one prescription after the next. Each one a little bit stronger. I went for test after test. My immune system was so taxed and weak that I was constantly sick and in pain. Finally at the end of my rope I discovered Nicole (gratefully) With one treatment and about 2 days, I was cured. My pain and infection was completely gone. I have not had a bladder or kidney infection since. I have seen Nicole for various other ailments over the years, and I have taken all my 4 sons to Nicole for one reason or another. I have full unwavering faith in Nicole and her abilities.I would highly recommend Nicole and homeopathy to anyone!!! (and have)
Thank you Nicole.   "

Laurie Simpson
Deroche, BC

"I suffered from migraines for years , so bad I would have to get morphine. I have to admit I was skeptical but since Nicole has been treating me I haven't had one. I also praise Nicole for being there immediately when i need her, I would highly recommend her and feel homeopathy is a wonderful natural treatment. She also cured my bladder infection which doctors didn't seem able to. I was prescribed 2 antibiotics for the same bladder infection and they did not work then I went to Nicole and was cured in one treatment."

Fern Vanderklok, Mission