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Homeopathic treatment can reverse chronic disease and maintain long term health and well being. Homeopathy is safe for everyone including children, pregnant women and the elderly..

Homeopathy is a gentle, holistic system of medicine that treats the symptoms of the mind and the body as a totality. It is an effective system of medicine that addresses the disease within the body. Homeopathy stimulates the body to heal without any side effects.It is safe for everyone, the young, the elderly, pregnant women and even animals, it is a powerful method of healing.

Homeopathic remedies are prepared from natural substances such as plants, minerals etc. They come in the form of small pills that dissolve under the tongue.

Homeopathy is used in over 80 countries around the world, mainly Europe, South America and India. The British Royal Family have endorsed and used homeopathy since the early 1800's. The Queen Mother was treated with homeopathic medicine all her life and lived to the age of 101!

Initial consultation

An initial consultation can take up to two hours and during that time homeopath will collect as much information about your symptoms in order to find a homeopathic remedy that is specifically suited to you and you your health concerns.
She will also search for factors that may have contributed to or caused your illness including stress, shock, trauma or family history. Homeopathic remedies are prescribed at the end of consultation.

History of homeopathy

Homeopathy was founded by a German physician, Samuel Hahnemann, born in 1755. He was critical of the medical treatments used by doctors such as purging, blood-letting etc. and felt that these methods were more harmful than helpful. He established the fundamental principles of homeopathy based on the law of cure known as Similia Similibus Curentur or Like Cures Like. This means that natural substances that produce symptoms in a healthy person will cure those same symptoms in a person who is in a dis-eased state.

"The physician's high and only mission is to restore the sick to health, to cure, as it is termed." - Samuel Hahnemann

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"It is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know what sort of disease a person has." - Hippocrates